Virtual motion and rotation

Virtual motion and rotation

Who is Virtual motion and Rotation designed for?


Virtual motion and rotation is a feature of WalkinVR aimed at people who lack the ability to assume positions and reposition their bodies as required by the game. This is most often due to being in a wheelchair only or unable to leave their bed, as well as muscular dystrophy, SMA and tetraplegia. Simultaneously holding controllers and moving around the game board with goggles can disrupt their sense of balance, or even be completely unfeasible.

How does the virtual motion and rotation feature make it easier for someone with limited mobility to play?

Movement limitations are not an obstacle thanks to the use of controllers. It is with their help that the player can perform movements in VR which are impossible outside the game. Using the discussed function of our software gives him/her a chance to overcome subsequent stages of the game, which were usually unavailable for him/her. He/she can change his/her position on the board, despite the lack of movement in reality.

How to play a VR game in Virtual Motion and Rotation mode?


  1. Select controllerWhen the WalkinVR window is enabled, hand controllers can be programmed in the virtual motion and rotation panel. These allow the player to move and rotate freely in virtual reality. The bar will display the available connected devices. Simply select the controller to be adjusted accordingly.
  2. Choose what function you want the controller to perform in VR 

    WalkinVR gives you three options as to what functions your chosen controller will perform. These options are:

Move (Ruch) – move in VR with the assigned hand controller. Hold down the activation button on the hand controller (previously selected in the panel as responsible for movement) and drag it in the direction in which the player wants to move. The movement is completed by releasing the button.

Rotate (Rotacja) – rotate in virtual reality using the assigned controller. To rotate in virtual reality, hold down the activation button on the handheld controller assigned to rotate and drag it in the direction the player wants to rotate the character. Complete the rotation by releasing the button.

Move and Rotate (Ruch i rotacja) – Move and rotate with the assigned controller. Pressing the assigned button will allow you to rotate and move. Pressing the assigned button twice will perform the intended (original) function of the button.

  1. Select the initiating button
    In the drop-down menu, select the button that will activate virtual movement or rotation (or both functions at the same time) during the game. To do this, you need to click Select button to activate virtual move.

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