Gameplay and VR gaming with the help of a second person


Gameplay and VR gaming with the help of a second person

For whom is the option of Playing VR games with the help of another person created?


This game mode is primarily aimed at people with movement limitations caused by diseases such as cerebral palsy, tetraplegia, spinal muscular atrophy, muscular dystrophy, stroke, among others. They may have difficulty pressing the right buttons on the controller and holding the device in the right position. The game is played with the help of an assistant.

How does the assisted controller feature make it easier for someone with limited mobility to play?


The player holds the VR controllers in their hands, while the assistant uses an Xbox controller to emulate the buttons from the first device.

This allows the helper to:


  • move the player left/right and up/down
  • use the action buttons on the controller
  • grip


These features make it easier for the player to go through the gameplay, as the assistant validates the selected actions with the assisted controller when needed.

How do I play a VR game in the Play VR mode with the help of another person?


To use the above game mode, select the assisted controller function.

  1. The assistant must connect the Xbox controller via USB and install the Xbox controller drivers. There is no need to install additional drivers.
  2. In the Supported Controller panel, click “Configuration”. (Click “Configuration” and select “Enable”. (Enable).

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