About us

Who are we?

About us

WalkinVR’s origin story

As gaming enthusiasts, we know how important a part of participating in cyber entertainment is a sense of belonging and community. When considering which social group might be excluded from enjoying VR games, people with various disabilities caught our attention. Overcoming physical barriers was and continues to be our biggest challenge and motivation when designing the WalkinVR feature.


Our mission and values

We are dedicated to spreading the idea of inclusivity and equality in the world of gamers. We want everyone, regardless of their physical fitness, to be able to easily and happily participate in amazing VR games. We think it’s a great way to build self-confidence as well as help develop motor skills in users. This is also proven by our track record.


Our contribution to the development of technology

for people with disabilities

The needs of people with disabilities are increasingly recognized by lesser-known as well as globally recognized technology companies. Proposed solutions aim not only to facilitate functioning in the everyday world focused on full physical fitness, but also to provide the desired entertainment. WalkinVR software is an innovative combination of the fun that is VR gaming and the support of professional rehabilitation, which together bring satisfactory results in the mobility of the player with disabilities.

How can we help

people with disabilities?

By bringing our software to facilities that host people with disabilities on a daily basis, we are diversifying traditional methods of rehabilitation. WalkinVR software is fun, combined with intensive and effective physical training to help rehabilitated individuals regain and maintain function.

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