WalkinVR for companies

For companies

Why should you start working with us?

We are committed to continually developing WalkinVR technology to serve people with all types of physical disabilities. We are motivated and always give 100% to our work. We answer every question our users have and if needed, we personally show up at medical facilities, rehabilitation centers, and VR Game Rooms to help install and use WalkinVR. Those who use our software know they can always count on us.

How can you use VR software in your business/medical facility/rehabilitation center?


WalkinVR software can be an interesting addition to daily rehabilitation. It introduces elements of fun and competition (with oneself or with an opponent), which encourages motivation to act. Rehabilitated people perform movements and positions needed to pass levels of the game, and due to an attractive interface they do not treat it as a chore.


This is entertainment not only for players but also for physiotherapists or rehabilitation specialists who supervise the safety of their patients. In the game mode with an assistant, they can be an active participant in the game. With WalkinVR, it is possible to overcome the physical and mental barriers that limit people with disabilities on a daily basis.  

What do you get when you partner with WalkinVR?

Working with WalkinVR means not only the opportunity to become part of the VR gaming community but also our ongoing support. Our users get a full suite of information at every stage of using our software and can contact us with any concerns.

Companies, medical institutions and rehabilitation centers cooperating with us have constant access to all updates and novelties appearing in the software. What is more, they actively influence the development of WalkinVR and decisions made by us regarding the introduction of new interesting and necessary functions. Using the knowledge and experience of employees, patients and users, we see emerging needs on the market, which we meet as soon as possible.


What are the costs of using WalkinVR?

There are two packages to choose from. The first assumes monthly billed fees of $120. The second option allows you to purchase an annual subscription of $1,400

Does using WalkinVR involve signing a contract?

All you have to do is to agree to the terms of use of the software when you buy the license.

Will I get help installing and using the equipment?

Yes, we assist in the installation and implementation of our software – remotely and onsite. This allows us to help you use our hardware in any part of the world.

What countries can use WalkinVR?

There are no restrictions on location. Whenever possible, we try to help you use WalkinVR stationary. However, it is not a problem for us to do the whole process online.

What language versions are available?

The program is available only in English.

Do you want to know the offer?

Write to us!