Accessibility for virtual reality is finally here.

WalkinVR Driver 1.0 allows users to move and rotate VR without actually having to move or rotate in real life.  

WalkinVR Driver 2.0

After months of research and development, WalkinVR driver 2.0 is almost here! Check out some of the features below. 

Position Shift

Even though the users controllers are at waist level
with the position shift feature, the user can adjust the
settings so the controllers appear to be at eye level
in the virtual space.

Position Orientation

This feature allows the user to change the resting
orientation of the controller. This is particularly useful
if the user has limited strength or motion in the wrist or arm.
The controller can be adjusted to emulate the correct position
in the virtual space.

Button Mapping

This feature allows users to map the VR controller buttons to third-party controllers.

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