How to Track Deficient or Spastic Hands in Virtual Reality

Playing VR without controllers for disabled people with spastic hands

For people with disabilities who have deficient or spastic hands, we prepared a solution that will allow them to use VR without using controllers.

This is especially important for workout in VR and meetings with physiotherapists when every minute is precious. Installing controllers for spastic hands can take a long time. Eliminating the need to use the controllers will allow players to effectively use the workout time.

This VR adaptation can be used for games that do not require the use of buttons on controllers or in conjunction with the Gameplay in Virtual Reality with Assistance.

Kinect hand tracking is in the final stage of development and will be released shortly after releasing WalkinVR on Steam.

To use this feature you need a Kinect device that will track your hand movement.

This VR adaptation will be especially helpful for disabled people – cerebral palsy, tetraplegia or stroke.

spastic deficient hands tracking virtual reality