Assisting the Disabled People when playing in Virtual Reality

Move and Rotate in Virtual Reality

We have found that in certain cases there are players who can’t move in virtual reality by themselves. For example, when a person has spastic hands and can’t use the command on the controller themself.

Creating accessible Virtual Reality for people with disabilities who have problems with the grip of hands and fingers requires an assistant. The assisted controller feature allows the player to be assisted by a third party using an Xbox controller when the player can’t use the buttons himself or herself.

This VR adaptation is used by people with such disabilities as cerebral palsy, tetraplegia, stroke, and others.

With Xbox Controller you can assist and make Virtual Reality more accessible by:
  • Moving the gamer up/down, left and right
  • Strafe movements left and right
  • Trigger pressing
  • Grip pressing
The configuration
  1. Plug in the Xbox controller via USB and install Xbox controller drivers. There is no need to install extra drivers.
  2. In the assisted controller panel click “Configuration” and select “Enable”.