Who are we?

We made WalkinVR with a mission to make a difference for people with disabilities. We wanted to make sure that all players have a chance to make their VR experience exciting and engaging.

WalkinVR is the first-ever VR software for People with Disabilities

Thanks to commonly available VR technology, the headsets and controllers are enough to immerse yourself in the virtual world, where you are free to do anything.

However, you have to be physically capable of executing moves required by the gear. That’s why many people with disabilities can’t get a full VR experience without help.

WalkinVR is the answer. It makes virtual reality accessible to everyone. You can adapt your VR environment and make any game or software possible to play. Regardless of your actual physical limitations.

Our product has already been used by people with conditions like multiple sclerosis, cerebral palsy, spinal cord, traumatic brain injuries, muscular dystrophies, spinal muscular atrophies, neuropathy, Lyme disease, and other kinds of orthopedic problems.

How does WalkinVR work?

We created WalkinVR so patients can have a good time playing, while certain moves and challenges can be smartly involved by the carer.

Playing Virtual Reality games requires a number of definite moves or assuming certain positions, which constitute functional tasks and – potentially – can be an interesting complement to traditional rehabilitation. Patients progress within game tasks with WalkinVR while breaking through their mental and physical barriers.

WalkinVR allows for the adaptation of potentially any VR Game or Experience on the SteamVR platform. It was tested
with Oculus Rift, Oculus Rift S, HTC Vive, Valve Index.
Free for Individual Users.
For VR Arcades, research centers, organizations, etc.